Easy tricks to remove common stains in the summer

Easy tricks to remove common stains in the summer

Summer fun – a picnic in the park, an outdoor concert, or an ordinary walk with friends, inevitably lead to spots of ice cream, ketchup and wine on your favorite clothes. Learn how to cope quickly with unpleasant dirt without leaving a trace of them:

Clean Deodorant Stains

Deodorant – the combination of heat and deodorant you use is devastating, especially for white clothes. To remove stains, soak the garment in cold water for 15 seconds. Then place the stain detergent on the stained area and allow it to run for 15 minutes. If you do not have a handmade stain remover, you can use lemon juice that has the same effect. Wash at the highest temperature that is safe for the garment

Clean Strawberries Stains

Strawberries – You can remove the spots of sweet fruits by soaking the cloth for half an hour in the following solution: ¼ water, 1 tsp. Wine vinegar and ½ tsp. Liquid detergent. Then drop it into the washing machine.

Clean Grass Stains

Grass – In general, grass traces are easy to wash in the washing machine and without additional treatment, but to make sure we offer the following recipe:

Mix an enzyme-based detergent with a few drops of water. Enzymes (which are natural proteins) react with other chemicals in the preparation to remove greasy stains and dirt from the garment. Apply the product on the stain and let it work for 30 minutes. If this does not help soak the spot in 1: 1 water and wine vinegar.

Clean Wine Stains

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Rose wine – Soak up the stain of wine and sprinkle with salt on it that will absorb the excess liquid. Then rinse the garment with warm water before dropping it into the washing machine. As well the wine is one of the most common reasons that ruin your carpet. The best decision is to call a cleaning agency. End of tenancy cleaning South East London is a good company that offers excellent carpet cleaning service.

Ice Cream – Treat locally where the stain is with cold water and a clean cloth. Then apply stain detergent and soak the garment with 1 tsp. An enzyme-based laundry preparation. Finally, wash as usual.

Tomatoes – rinse with cold water, then remove the remains of stains with a sponge and wine vinegar. If this is not enough, soak with a stain cleaner.

Ketchup – immediately soak in cold water, then apply wine vinegar with a sponge. Then drop into the washing machine.

Sunscreen products – because they are greasy, it is appropriate to process the garment with dishwashing liquid. Put it on the stain with a clean cloth and then wash the garment with hot water.

Grease – In order to remove the stains you have acquired thanks to the chain lubrication grease, you will need a baby’s powder and a napkin to remove unnecessary fat. Then use dishwashing liquid in the outer and inner side of the garment, wash as usual.

Lipstick – soak in cold water, put the dishwashing liquid on the stain, let the detergent be absorbed and rinse the garment. Then put into the washing machine.

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