Easy tricks to remove common stains in the summer

Easy tricks to remove common stains in the summer

Clean Wine Stains

Rose wine – Soak up the stain of wine and sprinkle with salt on it that will absorb the excess liquid. Then rinse the garment with warm water before dropping it into the washing machine. As well the wine is one of the most common reasons that ruin your carpet. The best decision is to call a cleaning agency. End of tenancy cleaning London is a good company that offers excellent carpet cleaning service.

Ice Cream – Treat locally where the stain is with cold water and a clean cloth. Then apply stain detergent and soak the garment with 1 tsp. An enzyme-based laundry preparation. Finally, wash as usual.

Tomatoes – rinse with cold water, then remove the remains of stains with a sponge and wine vinegar. If this is not enough, soak with a stain cleaner.

Ketchup – immediately soak in cold water, then apply wine vinegar with a sponge. Then drop into the washing machine.

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